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November 24, 2020

PCB Assembly


Dominant PCB Assembly Manufacturer in China

Part Rescue Technology Co., Limited is a leading PCB assembly manufacturer in China. Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) have become an integral component of our everyday lives across a range of various industries including Medical, Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Rail, and Security electronics.

As a leading and prominent PCB assembly manufacturer in Wuhan, China; we have over a decade of experience in assembling high-quality PCB assemblies. We look for particular specs and constantly adapt to the demands of our clients.

Manufactured in our registered facility in Wuhan, our PCB assembly are one of the most comfortable, and eco-friendly assemblies. Our printed circuit boards are compliant with all relevant regulations.

From fundamental assemblies to complex PCB capabilities like thermal substrates, flexible circuits, and PCBs with buried and blind vies; we remain confident that we can meet each of your manufacturing needs through our reliable PCB assembly service.

We use the best quality components for the job procured from our wide network of renowned manufacturers and retailers including Microchip, Arrow, AVX, VISHAY, Bourns, Avnet, ST, Kemet, TTI, Digikey, and Farnell. Any PCB component, which is moisture-sensitive is stored in humidity-controlled and temperature chambers to assure optimal performance.

With our focused help, you can build cost-effective and safe PCB assembly systems that are simple to operate and assure maximum performance. In our design house, you can send your project details, and we will bring your ideas to life. We are a PCB assembly manufacturer and provide custom PCB solutions. We also provide transformation consulting services related to PCB-related services.

PCB Assembly Service & PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Our production facilities for PCB assembly service are equipped with the latest equipment, and our services satisfy both through-hole and surface-mount assemblies. This suggests we can offer several levels of service — from delivering PCB prototypes through to the complex multi-technology printed circuit boards.

As a top-notch PCB assembly manufacturer, we have heavily invested over the past few years, in the up-gradation of our production sites with state-of-the-art wave soldering devices. This assures controlled-soldering of PCB parts.

We are a trustworthy and productive organization, and we perform consistently on PCB development. You will receive what we promise to you while keeping your valued ideas safe. We deliver results at your prescribed time. We have you provide proof of concept validated in a concise time. Your prototype will be attractive and ready for your customers and investors.

We do not believe to remain standstill. That’s why we use the latest machinery along with the finest minds to deliver PCB projects. At Part Rescue Technology, we keep our fingers on the latest trends’ pulse. As a result, we know how to achieve the highest standards of Printed circuit board assembly, Electronic Components, PCB assembly, and service to meet your requirements.

As a PCB assembly service provider, we ensure transparency throughout our process of hardware development designing. You will always remain aware of what is happening thanks to consistent communication with our team as if you are working with an in-house team. We approach, and we focus on achieving excellent results predictably and consistently, along with creating value for the end-users.

Our friendly and dedicated client service team always remains active to support you at every step. They continue to offer expert guidance to assure a complete PCB project that can suffice your needs. Whether you are searching for a high or low-volume PCB assembly service, they can help.

We are dedicated to sending you what you have ordered to maintain peace of mind. We give your staff every possible advantage. Our integrity is woven into every PCB assembly we prepare.

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