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November 24, 2020

Printed Circuit Board Assembly


Leading Printed Circuit Board Assembly Manufacturer in China

Part Rescue Technology Co., Limited is a leading printed circuit board assembly manufacturer. We offer a complete range of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Capabilities to match all Your PCB Needs.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly (or PCB Assembly was once a straightforward process of placing leaded electronic parts into a circuit board when soldering it. Now, the work of production of a trustworthy printed circuit card assembly has transformed into a specialized and sophisticated science.

They demand only technically skilled professionals, turnkey manufacturing technology, clean possible communication, and a culture of achieving excellence. Printed Circuit Boards Assembly is among the most critical parts of any electronic components and electrical device. PCB’s quality determines the overall quality of all these devices.

With over two years of experience in the field of fabrication and printed circuit board assemblies, we are dedicated and committed to meeting the requirements of our clients from various industries regarding delivery, cost-effectiveness quality, and other requests.

Part Rescue has been among the successful Printed Circuit Board assembly manufacturing and distributing companies. We are also supplying to the buyers of the United Kingdom and Europe. We make reliable, easy to use, and effective PCB assembly devices. We know how to go about things and how to resolve clients’ queries.

Quality Printed Circuit Board Assembly Supplier and Manufacturer

Over the past two years, we are proud to maintain our on-time shipment delivery rate of around 99%. Apart from PCB quality, the other crucial aspect is the minimum shortest lead-time. Our lead time is crucial for engineers’ R&D works.

For Printed Circuit Boards Assembly, we operate in three shifts to ensure your PCBs will be in your warehouse as early as possible. We know how crucial is for you to meet the deadlines of your clients.

Usage of PCB assembly is growing quickly, and we are not far from where our assemblies would help to interact with each other. We cannot remain up-to-date if we can’t familiarize or pick ourselves with this cutting-edge technology.

You always require the PCB assembly seller, which is popular as the best manufacturer because of remaining up to date and has been progressively significant for the organization.

Professional Printed Circuit Boards Seller

Our cutting-edge technology enables us to produce higher packing density, increasing integrated circuits’ miniaturization, and smaller layout dimensions; therefore, we can cater to the higher and rising demands on printed circuit boards.

We aim to offer the most reliable and advanced solutions with features from the creative minds among us. We always remain at the forefront of exploring PCB applications ever since the first day of our inception.

Just like Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), our PCB services are also making their mark, making Part Rescue Technology a top printed circuit board assembly manufacturer. Our PCB assembly makes your R&D function time-saving and comfortable. The success of our quality PCBs is our dedicated Quality Control (QC) department. They check each component of raw material and every complete project to comply with our policy zero error.

As an experienced printed circuit board assembly seller in China, we enjoy our business partnership in each aspect of clients’ PCB needs. Trust of our business partners is what we need to satisfy ourselves.

Completing hundreds of orders daily, we are now an established printed circuit board manufacturer for our excellent and quality services. Our rapid responsiveness to marvelous attention-to-detail to client requests enables us to meet the toughest deadlines. With a manufacturing coordinator overseeing each phase of your project, our inspection process in multiple shifts, we efficiently meet “quick-turn” deadlines precisely and on-time.

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